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A Note From The Webmaster and answers to some FAQ’s

Q:  How do I submit an event? 

A:  Use this form please:

Event Date & Time:
Beginning (and Ending) date (if you event is multiple days long)
Location address:
external URL

A paragraph or two

You can cut and paste the form into your email, then submit it to:  

These are clean simple paragraphs with a link to the event websites in the title.  Nothing fancy.  (The entries below the line are from the previous year and left on as a courtesy.  This way, you can visit the event website if you are planning your trip far in advance, contact event promoters to verify the current year’s date has been confirmed).  Once I have verified the current event date, the event will be moved to the appropriate, date sequential place above the line.

Q:  What about annual or seasonal events?

A:  You will find the ‘Annual / Seasonal & Year-Round Calendar’ on a separate page.  

We are very glad you are here and hope you enjoy this website.