Submit Your Non-Profit/Fundraising Event

To post your fundraising event, please use the form below.   You do not have to have all the information to post your event, just the event title, a CONFIRMED date, and contact information. You are allowed no more than two updates to add additional information before the event date. If your event is cancelled or the date changes, be sure to send that information to immediately.
Your final submission should include as much of the following information as possible….leave blank what you don’t know, keep a copy so you can re-submit any new information or changes,  Thank you.

Please copy and paste this form into a blank email message and send it to the webmaster:  

  • Event Name: 
  • Organization hosting it:
  • Date (s): (Beginning and ending date if your event is multiple days long)
  • Time start:
  • Time end:
  • Location: 
  • Venue name, seating capacity
  • Address
  • RSVP required?
  • Ticket Cost:
  • single:
  • couple:
  • purchase online?  If so, Ticket URL:
  • Organizer Contact Information:
  • Name, Phone, email, external URL
  • Description:
  • A paragraph or two, can include link to event website
  • No more than 3 promotional materials (Photos, video (no more than one for space reasons), flyer, poster, postcard, etc.) may be included, but please make certain you have permission or rights to use them from the photographer or videographer, before placing us at risk of copyright infringement.

You can copy and paste the form into your email, then submit it to: