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Jun 1 – Jul 17
Back to School Backpack Program
Many children look forward to arriving on the first day of school with new notebooks, backpacks and pencil boxes, but it’s a different story for children whose families cannot afford these items. To meet this community need, all U.S. Credit Union is partnering with Giving Is Fun, Too* (G.I.F.T.) to collect school supplies for Monterey County area students.

“We recognize a need in our area and feel that it is our place to help do something about it,” says Patrick Redo, CEO of all U.S. Credit Union. “We are always amazed by the generosity of our local people and businesses. Items as simple as pencils, pens, rulers, spiral notebooks, erasers, glue, crayons, and backpacks can provide these children with the means to learn. In fact, it is amazing how much good a person can do if they purchase a single packet of pencils or a folder and donate it to this program.”

From June 1st to July 17th, 2015 all U.S. Credit Union encourages its members, family, friends and all Monterey County Residents to donate school supplies and drop them off at the branch at 20 W. Market St. in Salinas. Desired Items include:

-Spiral Notebooks
-Glue/Glue Sticks
-Gender-neutral backpacks
-Pencil Boxes
-And Much More

Supplies will be distributed on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at the Calvary Church of Monterey from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to foster children who have signed up for the program.

*G.I.F.T. is a nonprofit, tax-deductible organization run entirely by volunteers. The Caregivers Association and Hartnell College Volunteers run the Back To School Backpack Program.

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